I live in beautiful Nova Scotia and have always called this home no matter where I have lived which is the first clue that I truly did not want to live anywhere else. The second clue was that I always spent my vacation time visiting Nova Scotia. The third clue was every spring I was looking for the same roses that were in my childhood home that my grandmother had planted when she owned the house.

I am a first time author but have always been a reader, and would dabble in writing with journals. Usually my journals would not be about me and whatever personal goal or issue I should try to fix about myself, they would turn into thoughts about the world, or short stories expanding on some dream or thought I had.

So I had some “real jobs” in life, and decided to write out one of these dream stories about mermaids and magic that I had been working on in my journal for the past few years.

I love family, friends, nature, art, history, action, comedy & fantasy movies, coffee, chocolate, good food, whiskey and vodka. There are many other things, but I feel these are the most important things in life.

This blog is really a personal blog, I wanted something where I can engage with people that enjoy reading and writing. I am not an expert by any means, but want to share my experiences as I go along this writing journey and you guys can share your thoughts and experiences too so we can all learn a few things and laugh at a few things that happen along the way. Hopefully there won’t be too much crying, but you never know as life just happens that way sometimes. Please sign up for my email list so you get a notification when I write a new post.